Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Saying So Long to Heartfelt

For those of you who don't know, I am stepping down from the Heartfelt Creations Design Team. I have loved every minute of my position, but I am at a time in my life where I need to make changes in it. I am getting older now and this big old house is way too much for me to keep up with. The maintenance, yard work, wood heat, just to name a few things, can at times be overwhelming. I am going to be getting my house ready to go on the market so I can downsize to something more manageable. I feel with all this looming I just wouldn't be able to give my HC designs the justice they deserve. So for now it is a sad so long.  I may not be very active on my blog for a while so I am going to apologize for it now. 
Maybe, after all this hoopla of house selling, packing, moving and so on, I may be able to re-apply to the design team in the future. So to make a long story short.......You've not seen the last of me!

I am showing my last two projects for Heartfelt today. A pop-up card and a 5" X 7" Flamingo card. Love those birds. Did you know they are born white? The turn that gorgeous peachy rose color because the iodine in the shrimp they love to eat reacts with their feathers to turn them that wonderful color. Too bad shrimp doesn't do that for us humans, self tanning products would no longer be needed!

The complete instructions for this project can be found HERE.

Now for these graceful Flamingos.

Here's a close-up of this lovely bird.

Thank you all for your faithful following of my blog. I hope to be back here soon, but only time will tell.

Much love and gratitude,

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Aloha from Heartfelt Creations

Hi bloggers, here is another project from the newest release from Heartfelt Creations
The Tropical Paradise collection is one of my favorites this year. the birds are just stunning and this Zentanglesk (?) Toucan is a dream! I tried to use the colors of a true Toucan & work them into all the intricate swirls and lines of this stamp. I LOVE how he looks. I hope you do too!

Here's a close-up of this delightful happy bird!

Thanks for joining me today and be sure to head on over to the HC Blog for complete instructions on this project & tons of tropical inspiration from my teammates.

Hugs, Maureen

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Heartfelt Creations Tropical Paradise Release

Hello bloggers. Guess what day it is? It's Release day!! Heartfelt Creations new Tropical Paradise is fabulous! Here for your reading pleasure is a description written by our sweet Tracey, who always does such a great job.

Escape to an exotic paradise where the air is warm, lush rainforests are filled with the calls of outlandish birds of paradise, and the day begins and ends with the most spectacular array of colors!  Heartfelt Creations invites you to slip away to utopia with the new Tropical Paradise Collection!  Filled with bright and vibrant colors, the exquisitely designed paper collection will transport you to a tropical island with its fiery sunset reds, dazzling sunny yellows, deep ocean blues and rich leafy greens!  Discover the unique and breathtaking birds that call this exotic place home, from toucans to parrots, flamingos and cockatoos which have all been beautifully illustrated and assembled into three dynamic cling stamp sets and coordinating dies!  Further your equatorial escape with realistically shaped plumeria flowers most commonly known for their inclusion in traditional Hawaiian leis boasting blossoms in pinks, whites, reds and yellows amid their large, leafy foliage.  Join us as we walk the warm, sandy beaches and the glistening ocean laps at the shoreline and help us bid a warm Aloha to the new Tropical Paradise Collection! 

I have created a Lei for my opening project for this collection. I hope you enjoy it.

For complete instructions for this project and many other beautiful pieces of inspiration from my teammates head on over to the HC Blog.
Thanks for stopping by today.

Hugs, Maureen

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Monkey is having a special day!

Hi bloggers, how's your day going so far? This guy looks like he's having a great one, don't you think? This is the last week of all these monkey shines before our new release next week. I hope you can relax a little bit today, just like this fella right here. In a perfect world we would all have days like this!  Heartfelt Creations Monkeying Around Collection is loads of animated fun!

Be sure to stop over to see the mixed collection of inspiration from my teammates on the HC Blog today, we've got something for everyone!
Thanks for stopping by today.
Hugs, Maureen

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Monkeys to enjoy and cheer you

Two little monkeys sittin' in ah tree................... wasn't there a song like that? Well maybe not monkeys, but it just came to mind, LOL Here's my card for this week using the 
Monkeying Around Collection from Heartfelt Creations. The palm trees are my favorite from this collection and I think I may have used them a bit too much but the the hay! I hope you enjoy my little creation for today.

Make sure you stop by the HC Blog today and check out all the fantastic projects from my teammates.
Thanks for stopping by,
Hugs, Maureen

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Monkeys on an Adventure of a Lifetime!

Hello bloggers. I have an altered project today in honor of our dear creative director, Emma Lou and her husband Richard. They have just returned from a trip to New Zealand and if I am not mistaken Australia as well.  A little business trip with some fun on the side! I thought his picture frame was a cute way to show off the Heartfelt Creations Monkeying Around collection, as the trip as Emma Lou showed us on her "live" video stream on Facebook looked tropical to me. Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping in today and be sure to head on over to the HC Blog for all the wonderful creations from my teammates.

Hugs, Maureen

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Monkeys are Sending Love Your Way

Hello bloggers. Some cute little critters are sending plenty of love your way today. the are not Monkeying Around with it either!! I've created another card from the newest release from 
Heartfelt Creations. I hope you enjoy you enjoy these little guys that are bring love and laughter your way today.

Here's a close up of the monkeys.

You can find complete instructions for my card over on the HC Blog and plenty more of these little guys antics crated by my teammates. Thanks for stopping by today.

Hugs, Maureen